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300 DPI is a bit FAT just to look at the logos, so I am uploading mine at a lower rez, and if it is needed/liked/wanted, I can resubmit it at a much higher resolution.

Here goes:

Did you miss the "A"?

 :o DIRP...

oh well, an 'E' for effort.  

Here with an 'A'

Don't smack me down for constructive criticism.......remember I'm jsut trying to help you make it better.

#1 Pick a style.  If you like they blocky "sprite" look that's great, but make the text blocky too.  

#2  Also at very high res (like on a shirt) it's going to be visually boring.  My suggestion to that problem is to maybe put a "scan line" filter on top of everything.  

Hope that helps adn keep em coming.


--- Quote from: Birdtales on March 26, 2003, 08:13:53 pm ---Did you miss the "A"?

--- End quote ---

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