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How to run Wincab in AtomicFE


This was sent to me by fuadramsey, who is currently unable to login; he asked me to post it here on his behalf.  Thank you for the submission, fuadramsey!

How to run Wincab in AtomicFE

You need to run Wincab from a batch file. First create a batch file that changes to the jukebox folder, and runs the jukebox.” To create a batch file just create a text document with the following syntax, but change the directories to your needs. Also change the extension of the file name from .txt to .bat (runwincab.bat). Here is my example of what is in the batch file:


--- Code: ---C:
cd \
cd wincab

--- End code ---

The first line changes to the C drive. The second line goes to the root directory of this drive. The third line switches to the directory “wincab.” The fourth line runs “wincab.exe.”  Save this file in a folder. You will point AtomicFE to this file next.
You will need to run Wincab from the bat file you just created. You can do this by using the AtomicFE configuration tool AtomicManager.exe. Check the “advance options” on the “General” tab. The “External Commands” tab will pop up. Go to it and click the “User Action” tab. Check the “run program when custom key 1 is pressed” and point the command to run the bat file you just created. Here is my example “C:\emulators\atomicfe\bat\runwincab.bat” (I saved my bat file created above to a folder named “bat” inside of the atomicfe folder).

Save everything and when you press the custom key 1 (definable with AtomicKeys) when AtomicFE is running, Wincab will run. You return back to AtomicFE once you hit escape in Wincab.


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