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Hey Mike! It's that time of year again.

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--- Quote from: MikeQ on November 27, 2006, 09:28:24 pm is about to expire and I'm probably going to let it.  The site is only used for PowerMAME and it would be save me some $.
--- End quote ---

As long as the bandwidth usage wasn't too high I could host you at ""  if you like.  Let me know.

A year for a .com is what $5. I'd pitch in for that.


--- Quote from: MikeQ on November 27, 2006, 09:28:24 pm ---I've also been working tons of hours at work on a project for a big cell-phone manufacturer.

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BTW, I guess it makes sense, but are cell phones going to start having full on video cards built into them? I mean with video becoming more and more present and cameras the norm, cell phones are going to become little TV stations. So  I guess they will need a more robust sorce for the video.

I am waiting for the phone with Photoshop PE (phone edition)  ;D

Mike, while you were writing the previous round of PM, I was still building my cab. Now that the build is 98% done, I have been using PM32 as my only way to really make the 49ways and LED wiz work together. I tried the command line version with MAMEWah, but could make it work. (Could not figure out how to make the PM specific stuff function). I am now really leaning towards Atomic Front End because Youki is really working on the LED-Wiz stuff and GP49 stuff.
But if you are going to work on another round in the future and the plug in thing is the direction that works out, would it be easier to work in tandem with front end designers and find a bridge where you could hand off certain functions. So attract modes and FE navigation (gpwiz) could be handeled in the Front End and then PM takes over and uses the pm functions you have designed for MAME it's self.  I know that you got frustrated because there was not any programming help, so I thought that this might be an option. This way you could focus on one area and the FE devs could focus on the other. Less work for you then (in theory of course).

Then again this might be exactly where you were headed.

The other area is documentation. I know that you were busy programming, but when everything went silent, there was not much to look at for directions on how to make it all work (not speaking about PM32 this was a no brainer and wonderful to configure) Command line version.

Sorry to hear about your losses Mike.

I'll keep and the wiki up, I think it's only $5 a year for the domain anyway.

I would be happy to provide hosting for you.  I have no bandwidth concerns or storage concerns.  If you are interested, let me know.



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