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nLited XP installs for a cab

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Breaking this out of another thread (sorry dot!). 

I've stripped out most of the crap that isn't necessary for an XP installation to come up with a smaller install of XP that's useable on older machines. 


Using some info from that other thread, TinyXP clocks in at 112 megs, 400 megs installed.  I've come up with a 90-ish meg .iso, and no idea how large the install is. 

Please keep comments about this in this thread, as we're straying from dot's thread, but here's how this started, perhaps you'll like what dot's working on:

I DON'T have my LastSession.ini, but I laid this info out elsewhere when trying to come up with suggestions, and I'll simply copy/paste those posts over here.  Sorry I can't help you out with that part, gonzo, but you should be able to tell what's what if you download the latest version of nLite.

From the other thread:

Further looking tells me that the build of TinyXP was done via nLite or at least something very similar (there's several other types of these progs, nLite just seems to be the most doofus-proof).

I can clearly see where even TinyXP can be trimmed.  How much it would strip out of the final product, I'm not certain, but I see no need to have the following on a cab setup

MS Paint
Floppy Support
Modem Support
Printer Support
*Toshiba IDE Bus Driver - these are the types of things nLite personalizes
USB Audio Support
Active Directory Service
Task Scheduler
User Account Pictures


Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Secondary Logon
Wireless Zero Configuration

All of these things I'm pointing to above are for a NON-networked version of XP that's STRICTLY for cab use only.  It also doesn't take into account any dependencies that your FrontEnd's may require.  nLite allows you to tailor YOUR XP install to YOUR needs, which may or may not include networking capabilities or at least an internet connection.  That's for you to decide.

And YES, Howard, I know your feelings on these types of programs.  This isn't intended for anyone who feels the need to install XP and keep it current and whatnot.  It's to personalize your cab all the way down to the OS you install on it, and isn't meant to serve every need that a full install of XP may.  If anyone reading this doesn't like this idea or is excessively worried that by doing this, they won't be able to run X program or Y utility or be able to hook up Z control, then you should have stopped reading by now, or should close this thread at this point.  This isn't intended for you.

For gonzo (and for reference, I used an OEM XP Pro SP1 disc to start with):

First screen I come to:  Components

Here's the full list of options.  Also, left in display drivers for basic support, but if you have your drivers, remove these to integrate your specific ones yourself.  The second pic is what I've left after the removal process

*edit*  Save these pics to your drive and open it up to full size.

The Options screens, both General and Patches

Tweaks - don't have a clean version of this pic, so you'll see a few of the questions for a "generic" slimmed XP here.  Again, save to disc and open on your PC


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