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the generic cp. magstik plus for p1; t-stick for p2, happ buttons.

ignore the ugly skate sticker bezel.

Here you go, that reminds me, I should submit this to the examples page!

Centipede theme cab (actual centipede w/restored sideart)
Dual competition sticks
Dedicated Wico 4-way balltop
Oscar (RIP) spinner
Happs High Lip Trackball


x-arcade encoder/buttons/sticks (bought that a few years before deciding to build a cabinet)
two 8 way sticks, 6 buttons each player,  4way betson stick,  3" wico trackball(mouse hack), homemade spinner(mouse hack). homemade pinball plunger, pinball flipper buttons(double as mame pause buttons)  mouse buttons located on ends of control panel. two yellow admin buttons: esc(left) and enter(right).  no coin buttons, must use coin slots.

The first pic is the only pic I could find of my showcase cabinet CP before the showcase was finished. The panel is approximately 26" wide. Some mistakes I made with it that you may want to consider when building yours
* The trackball is lower than the joysticks and a few people have actually stubbed their fingers and hurt their hands taking wild swings in bowling
* The red button is exit and the white button is pause - these buttons occassionaly get hit during games.It's hard to estimate how crazy people get when playing trackball games!

The second pic is my driving cabinet. It has a home brew steering mouse hack for a steering wheel. It's a 360 degree wheel and a return to center shifter. If you have kids - they'll love playing this arcade. It's the most complicated arcade I have since people don't automatically understand how the shifter works in various games.

The last pic is on my favorite games cabinet. It's a 4 way cabinet and the monitor is vertical. It plays the classics. The super has since been replaced with a Wico 4 way.

Best pic of my CP is from before I put it on the cab:


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