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Hi guys, first post.
Inspired by Daniel Spies' awesome cabinets.

Love it, I am about to move to a new home and need to get back in to the hobby  So many new games out now

This is my first arcade machine build ever.  I thought about it for a while, then planned it, then decided to buy some components, and finally put it together in Nov/Dec of '23 and Jan '24.  I went for a full 4-player setup with 8 buttons at each, then added spinner, trackball, and flight stick as my budget allowed.  Overkill, I know, but it allows flexibility for customization and it turned out as perfect as I had seen it in my head when I was planning it.

There's a lot going on here, I know.  It's actually less crowded than it looks and super comfortable to use.  I'm planning a small add-on removable panel with the GRS analog flight yoke and will be adding Sinden light guns when they arrive (already ordered the light guns).

The picture of the full cabinet was slightly earlier in the process.  Since that pic was taken, I replaced the keyboard with a few custom buttons (using a keyboard encoder board), added the spinner, trackball (which doubles as a mouse in the main OS), and flight stick, but the control panel pic is where it's at today.

I've had a ton of fun building it and did it all with hand tools (no real workshop) and patience.  I've already had a couple of requests from friends to help them build their own like it - which I see as the highest compliment they could give me about it.

I want to thank everyone in this forum. You didn't know it, but all the pics and advice placed here helped me understand the nuances of a project like this and helped it be a success for me. It's much appreciated.


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