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I figured it would probably be good to have a "Resource Gallery" of sorts of all the homemade Control Panels we have made, to help give ideas to those who are somewhat new to the scene or just want to make something unique.

If you want, feel free to explain the specs of your CP, heck, even give it a nickname, but lets keep it brief and not get carried away writing essays  ;D

The "All Arounder"

2 Player, 6 Button Layout, Trackball (Update: Spinner & Twin ACTLabs Guns Added)
Admin Buttons (Green = Enter, Yellow = Pause, Orange = Menu, Red = Escape)

The "Micro"

2 Player, 3 Button Layout, Trackball
Admin Button (Above 2P Joystick for Menu)

The "Franken-Wing" (1st Practice CP that was never finished)

4 Player, 6/4 Button Layout
Admin Buttons (Green = Enter, Yellow = Pause, Orange = Menu, Red = Escape)
Quick Save/Quick Load Buttons (Under Admin Buttons)


I posted this on another thread but Ill go ahead and throw it in the database. Here is the control panel i built. As far as the measurements between the buttons and joysticks, i took it straight off of my Street Fighter 2 cabinet so if your looking for somthing similar here are the measurements. The coin mouse buttons are on the sides like pinball flippers and the exit button is on the bottom.

I'll play


And Spy Hunter and Tron for good measure - (That Moon Patrol is actually an 8-way stick, the game was all original outside, mame inside  ;D I built that for a friend though)

23" wide. With a magstick plus, I pac and happ buttons. The cpo is from classicarcadegrafix.  :)


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