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ok guys, I'm at my wits end

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Hey everybody.
I am so lost on setting up my powermame that i am willing to pay someone for a simple walk through on setting it up.
(Please insert your favorite twitch here)
Got that one piece your wife won't let you by?
I will send it to you.
I have on original Arkaniod board i'll trade for the info.
My son and i started this project and we are stuck. So close,yet out of reach.
I'm not lazy, I think i have read about every page google and yahoo have to offer on powermame. But nobody out there has doc'd any info on setup.
Is it a horrible front end? Is that why nobody uses it?

If you can help- PLEASE email me @

Thanks George

Did you read the wiki?

No charge. :)

Does abandoned mean it will no longer work? I would think the download would still function.
And I can't find anything in there to help me with setup.
Thats where i'm stuck :hissy:
Thanks though, i really appreciate the post.

The download link on the wiki appears to work.

Maybe JoyMonkey can help you, send him a PM.

What questions do you have?  It is just the same as regular mame.  Check your PM.


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