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Rotating png files by 90 deg.

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robert obryan:
anyone know of a program that will rotate all my flyer  png files by 90 degs.donig 1 at a time takes for every and they don't look right on my vertical monitor.

I was needing the same thing and searched for hours and found a great program. It will rotate all files at once and you can resize them as well. I needed to rotate my png files for my vertical cabinet. The programs is called ,""

You could try IrFanView  It can do much more than just rotate the images.  It also has a batch conversion mode.

Jasc Image Robot. Absolutely the best solution I have found. Does basically anything you want to a bunch of images in batch form.

It simply rules.

I'll agree with JM on this one.....  ifanview is the best, i've tried the others you all mentioned and none are better than ifan.  

Btw shouldn't you have the images rotated in the front-end rather than doing it that way?


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