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What would the minimum CP be for this?


What would the most minimum control panel necessary to run this?

I am trying to figure this software out, but I'm trying to see if you could get by with like 5 buttons and no mouse.

If you were to design a CP that is the bare bones, what would it be?

Cannot see it working without at least a number pad.  Does not seem to go well with limited arcade controls.  A trackball would work if you don't want a mouse hanging around then you would not need a number pad.

My min is a touchscreen with no external buttons.

I run my jukebox with 10 buttons on the control panel..... and 1 hidden button for admin.

i'm building a minimal wall hung skjukebox with the following.

credits button - to add credits
right button - slide albums right
left button - slide albums left
down button - to highlight a song when in large album mode
enter button - to add highlighted song to que
esc button - to return to 4 album view
f1 button  to toggle large album mode.

if you disable mouse support the down arrow can select a song when in large single album mode.
the enter button selects it and the song is added to the cue.

you can also do without the credits button if you enable free play. also the esc button is not needed because 4 album view returns by itself after some time.

I just use a 4 way joystick and two buttons.


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