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Generic Eric:
Well I thought it would be cool to wear a BYOAC tshirt to an arcade expo.

Is there any real interest in the shirt?  In the chat room this am, I brought it up and some of the options are other peoples Ideas.

Its hard to say if any idea probably would come together in time for this expo, but there is always next year.

I vote for playing with our joysticks, but lost the 300 members part (makes the shirt more 'timeless')..

"BYOAC: It's not one of those 'pen1s envy' things"
"BYOAC: The arcade comes home (minus the smell)"
"BYOAC: Yes, ladies, I'm single and available (as of cab #3)"

How about...
BYOAC: I swear, honey, it's furniture!


--- Quote from: Distortion on March 22, 2003, 09:05:21 am ---How about...
BYOAC: I swear, honey, it's furniture!

--- End quote ---

Or.. I swear honey, this is the last cab!

I had to vote for the first one, the rest seemed to be begging for me to wear a one of those old hats with the fake crap on the bill and a "honk if you're horny" bumper sticker.  I'd like to be able to wear my shirt in public and not have people think I'm a complete idiot.......  IF that's possible   ;)  er, wait, probably not


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