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New WinCab Jukebox Skin -- AlienBox

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This is longer my favorite from ebateman21

- Very sharp!
- Sci-Fi style!
- Easy to use (large buttons)!
- My favorite mix of colors Black/Green!
- Little in size and easy to download/upload!

man can you help me brothers, im kinda newbie how di i change a skin all i get is errors all the time

now for all the newbies out there like me.
 this is how you change a skin
 in wincab juke box or dwjukebox
extract the zip file with the skin in it then cut
and paste the items you find in the zip,
 paste them into your skins folder.
now go-to win ini file open it up get the name of the main skin file
should look something like this WurlyNum.skn
in place your look for the word = default
cut the word default out and paste in your skn file
again it should look like this
 WurlyNum.skn  when it asks you to save say yes
and save it, open up your jukebox and that's it folks
now I'm a newbie but if anyones got any other ideas keel more power to yer brain
 but this is how i do it simple.
power to the peepel freedom!


--- Quote from: ebateman21 on August 22, 2006, 10:23:11 pm ---Here is my first original skin for WinCab Jukebox...AlienBox.

Anyone interested?


--- End quote ---
Funny. I was listenting to ONCE IN A LIFETIME when I started reading this post.
I imagine this would work on SKJukebox as well?


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