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Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that I have finally setup my own site to host SKJB on!  The site is very much still a work in progress, but most of it is there and working.  I've even got my own forum there that can be used for support/ideas/general chat.

Thanks to the guys at MameWorld, [romsite name redacted], EmuChrist and BYOAC for the hosting/forum, it has been very much appreciated.  I will still check this forum, but the other sites will simply be redirected to my new site in the next couple of days.

Hope to see you all there!


PS Oh, and if someone can help with a new logo that I can use in the site and in the program, that would be appreciated as well!   :)

Hi Salmon,

Could you please make contact with me urgently - Its regarding your website.

Love & Peace
South Africa

Hey SK - I tried to send you a PM but it was blocked.  I'm a big fan of your program.

Would you consider keeping the site going if I took care of hosting for you?

Let me know via PM or email.

you should do that.  Someone asked what software I'm using on a youtube video of my juke and I was looking for the page only to find..holy crap!  it's down!

Why is this thread still a sticky announcing the "New SK Jukebox Site" when it's been down for forever?


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