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SK Jukebox 3.0.0 Released!

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'About time' I hear you all saying!   :D

Well, it's finally out with several new features, check the site(s) for details :
[romsite name redacted]

Thnx SK :cheers: I am dl'ing now and hopefully this will help the tagging problem. I will let u know.

Oh and by the way this Software kicks --I'm attempting to get by the auto-censor and should be beaten after I re-read the rules-- :notworthy:

Updated" It works wonderfully :applaud:

 :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

You are the greatest.  I am downloading and will try it out today.


I had been looking for alternatives the last couple of days because of the lack of flac support. Thank god I decided to pop in. Now I won't have to change programs. You are the man!!1

Thanks so much for the updates! I also appreciate implementing the ability to use the up and down buttons for jump forward and back. It makes my button configuration more usefull.

As far as I am concerned guys, this is the best juke software out there and Salmon has very gaciously added our wants and needs.

I do have another question or want to be added for the next version if possible. It would be real cool to have an option that allows you to choose a play list you have created. For example let's say i want to play music from a certain year and all of my music is in artist format i can create a playlist of that year or just certain songs from that year and be able to choose that playlist from an album view like we choose normal albums.



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