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Set-up: "How to" guide (install and configure emulators, plus Visual Pinball)

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--- Quote from: spystyle on January 03, 2013, 01:27:29 pm ---Thanks, I just started reading this.

It's  DOC file, I prefer to read things with my web browser (FireFox) so I can zoom in and out. So I converted it to HTML, find it attached if you like.

I got to the part that says to make a bunch of folders, I made a batch file from the text to create the folders quickly, attached also.

Then it occurred to me that the folders could be uploaded in a zip file, so I did that too, it's attached.

OK, now let's see if I can get MALA working :)

--- End quote ---

I need a frontend. I already hate frontends ???. I have now decided that Mala is the one that I will try. Thankyou for this post and all the information on it. I am really boggled by all this software jargon but have managed to get Spystyles Arcade XP OS up and running and just about to bury my nose in this walkthrough and hopefully get Mala up and going.

Hi everyone!   :D
Sorry if this is a stupid question or has been answered already.. it also might be too obvious to see..
Is there the option to run a pre command before mame and a post command in malafe?
I'm trying to start Marquee Magician with mame.. has anyone tried this app or something similar to display marquees on a second monitor?  that also works with malefe?
Thanks. Dan

I have Mala setup running Mame and Daphne. Mame is running good but when I switch emus and choose a daphne game, instead of starting the game, daphne loader starts and I have to choose the game again from the gamelist in the daphne loader, requiring me to use the mouse to hit the start button. Anyone else have daphne configured ?

Hello to everybody, I'm new in the forum and it's the first I ever written.  But you have helped me so much in my project, I would like to help others too.
Gonemad, if you haven't yet solved the problem, I can help I use .BAT files, to run Daphne in Mala.  Pardon my English. Its been a long time  I've been living in PR.


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