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Set-up: "How to" guide (install and configure emulators, plus Visual Pinball)

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I have been asked by multiple people (including my favorite Auzzie, who now owes me yet another beer  :cheers:) if I could document how I configured the many emulators I have in MALA.  

Well, I always aim to please so I put everything I could think of into the Microsoft Word document.

************* UPDATED **************

User "Gray_Area" asked me to update this post with his v1.8 update.  Click on the following link to obtain his "MalaEmuSetup-v1.8.txt" file.   View it with WordPad.

Get v1.8 here -->

************* UPDATED **************

Get OLDER v1.6 here -->


I totally agree!

 :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :cheers:

Wow.  Nice job, unclet.  Very comprehensive!  Thank you.


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