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Comments on Ultimarc's J-Stik - ball tops?


Just saw these for sale - at least they look like leaf switch sticks - microswitch tho'

They have that 4-8 way switcher as well on the base.

Anyone own any and care to comment on them?


I placed an order a few days ago... waiting for it to arrive, and I also has a controller waiting to put it in... so, once its done, I'll post some reviews...   ;D

There were a ton of posts about these sticks sometime ago. I've got two on my main board and am knocked out by them. They look and feel great and the 8/4 way switch is fantastic - just make sure you can access it on the underside of your panel.

The shaft is a bit short for wood mounting - I had to route a fairly deep hole as my panels are 3/4 MDF.

In my opinion the stick to go for.


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