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Must have Dreamcast and PSOne games

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For the Dreamcast; PowerStone, 1 & 2 HANDS DOWN!!!

In ps1, i only played digimon world 1 and destroction derby!

I saw somebody mentioned last hope above.  Be sure to Last Hope: Pink Bullets.  Basically, they re-released it with pink bullets because they were hard to differentiate from the background in the original.  Outstanding game after this was fixed.

NG Dev have some made some other great DC games since then too:

Fast Strikers
NEO XYX (don't think one is out yet)


--- Quote from: SithMaster on December 22, 2006, 11:36:20 pm ---
Marvel VS SNK

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oh I wanna play this one :dizzy: :dunno ???

Hopefully your ps1 can play imports because both of my suggestions are Japanese region releases (or use an emulator)
1. Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken: The Adventure of Little Ralph (awesome 2d platformer. You have a sword and can combo things... watch a youtube vid or try it).
2. Umihara Kawase Shun (2d platformer with a grappling hook and awesome physics. Technically it is a fishing pole but fun all the same. Umihara Kawase is available for snes/super famicom if that is easier to test drive.) You really should check this one out on youtube and play it as well. It's like bionic commando but unique. 

To answer an old question: (dreamcast shmups that can be rotated aka tate mode)
stolen shamelessly from a thread.

Sega Dreamcast
Shikigami No Shiro 2 (Castle of Shikigami 2) (J)
Gunbird 2 (U, J, PAL)
Ikaruga (J)
Karous (J)
Psyvariar 2 (J)
Radirgy (J)
Trigger heart Exelica (J)
Trizeal (J)
Under Defeat (J)


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