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I was planning on putting a trackball in my cab, but i don't know what do do. I don't think i'd be able to hack a mouse and buying a trackball and interface seperatly is too expensive. Does anyone know any arcade Trackballs that plug directly into a PC? The Kidsball is the only thing i've found but that looks really bad. I want an authentic looking trackball.
I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice.

I know Happ sells things like that, but they are too expensive also. :(

Hi. Have you looked at the CompUSA Glowing Trackball? Some poeple don't like these, but for the price they are great. I used one in my Joust to MAME for 2 years now without any troubles. If you're a bigtime Centipede player then you'll want a true arcade TB from Happs. For the ocassional play this one is great on my cab. Here's a link to my site. Just look under the Trackball to see how I hacked it into the CP. Good luck.


watch ebay too.

You may want to consider the Betson Imperial 3" PS/2 trackball.  It's a true arcade trackball, not a PC one, but it connects directly to your PC's PS/2 port.  They sell for $79, and you don't need a separate interface for them, so that makes them pretty attractive.

I have had a couple of Happ and Imperial 3" trackballs, and I honestly believe the Imperial has a better roll and feel to it.

J_K_M_A_N has a bunch of part numbers and descriptions on his site here:

FYI... a lot of BYOAC's like the translucent trackballs for aesthetic purposes, but they are actually inferior to the cast polymer white trackballs.  The white ones are quite a bit heavier and have a better roll to them because they are more dense.  When I talked to their VP of Sales, I asked about the translucent trackballs.  He told me that they only carry them because misinformed operators and BYOAC'ers (he frequents these boards) request them, but they don't recommend them.  I would have to imagine the same goes for the Happ translucent trackballs, but I don't know for certain.


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