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This is my first attempt at a CP Overlay.  I would like to eventually build a full cabinet, but since space and budget are big issues, I'm settling for a desktop controller for now.  To save space, I'm going for a 1 player (15" x 11").  I mostly like the classics (pacman, donkey kong, etc.) so I'm going with a dedicated 4-way controller (ms pacman/galaga from Happs) with only 3 buttons.  The crosses, of course, mark where the buttons and joystick will be.  It's a pretty simple graphic, but I'm not an artist so I didn't want to get too fancy and have it come out bad.  Please let me know what you think.

Some specific questions I have are:How is my button spacing?
Do I have too much room below the buttons/joy?  I wanted to leave enough for a wrist rest.
How's the font size?
Are the arrows too big?
What might I add to the open spaces to jazz it up a little
I realize some of these are personal preference, but I would like some input from those that have done this before.


I changed things a little bit, but I'm still looking for comments.

Changed font on button labels
Moved all buttons up and trimmed an inch off the bottom
Changed joystick arrows to match font
Added border to jazz things up


I like the border and the font...

what font is it?

It's a simple design.. could use some jazzing up (maybe some gothic or demonic game art to match the goth font and border, like Ghosts 'n Goblins), but you already said you don't want to.. maybe -- since you seem set on labeling the buttons -- put a thinner but matching border around the buttons (and labels, on the function keys).. move the design down a bit within the borders.. and ditch the labels on the player buttons (makes me think of an Ozzy Osbourne album cover :P).. maybe even ditch the 1/2 Up labels if your buttons have markings for this..

Other than that, the font and borders go well with the plain, dark background.. but I dunno.. it looks more like a stick for playing Mortal Kombat than Pac-Man..

EDIT: BTW, after reading this it seems like a sort of hash assessment.. I mean if you like it, -- obviously -- just ignore me..

I like it but why do you have a 2P button on a 1P controller?


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