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Can I build my own MegaTouch (or something similar?)


I've built my own MAME arcade cabinet but now I'd like to build a MegaTouch (or similar) cabinet/table-top.

It seems like MegaTouch isn't available anywhere except from the manufacturer's (Merit) themselves. Is this correct or am I missing some kind of emulation software that exists? The MegaTouch units cost $4000 or more (for the newer unit) which is waaaay too much for this project.

So... if I can't build a MegaTouch unit, does any other (eg. cheaper) touchscreen gaming software exist? I'd happily pay a couple of hundred dollars (this is aside from buying the touchscreen + computer + wood/cabinet) for good software.

I'd pay a couple hundred dollars just to have nudie photo hunt (official name is erotic photo hunt)!  I've seen a few megatouches on ebay for as low as $1500, but that's still a little much.


--- Quote from: sofakng on May 22, 2006, 04:03:09 pm ---I'd happily pay a couple of hundred dollars (this is aside from buying the touchscreen + computer + wood/cabinet)
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If you are willing to pay a couple hundred for software alone, you easily have $1000 into this thing when you're done.  Have you priced touchscreens?  They are not cheap.

Take a look on ebay for a seller named  MWGRICE.   I have bought two Megatouches off him, both have been excellent, and you can get into one for about $650.

He is a amusement vendor here in Northeast Ohio (Cleveland area).  He sells the "old" (boxy) Megatouches on Ebay when he upgrades some of the Megatouch machines on his route to the LCD flatpanel style.  He removes the dollar bill validators and the coin mechs, and he sets them up in free mode.  He will NOT include the DBV of the coin mechs uner any circumstances, for fear of someone putting the machine in their neighborhood watering hole.  Makes sense.

Anyway, you can pick up a later model like a Platinum or a Ruby for like $650.  I did local pickup on mine, so I do not know about S&H.

EDIT:  I just looked him up.  He has a Megatouch Titanium up right now, "Buy It Now" for $580.  Look around, ou will NOT find better prices than this guys.  Bwteen me and my friends, we have bought a total of 5 machines, all have been excellent.

Hope that helps ya,

so if you buy just the software will it work?

Art on RGVAC has a 5 and a 6 up for sale now ... $175 and $225, respectively.

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