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Accident At Work - Lesson to Everyone

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--- Quote from: mvsfan on July 06, 2009, 07:40:49 pm ---
--- Quote from: markb on April 14, 2006, 02:56:16 am ---Heres to a speedy recovery.

--- Quote ---I try to be safe but frequently end up rushing through things and not putting on my goggles and things like that
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I used to be the same until I had a dremel disc come apart on me once sending fragments flying into my face, they were that hot one of them actually stuck to my lip and left a blister for 2 weeks. Fortunately I had my put my safety glasses on 30 seconds before, now I wear them permanently when I'm working with power tools.

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I cant stress this enough. People hear it all the time and still dont do it. A good way to put it is this.

A stone on a grinder is nothing but glued together sand really.

anybody whose ever seen a grinder stone explode would definately think twice. its like rocks pounding you all over. a dremel cutting disk is much smaller, is made out of the same stuff and is running at a much higher Rpm.

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The grinder stone from an air powered hand grinder is even worse, higher rpm and more likely to fall apart.

I appreciate this thread. It's good to stop and think a bit sometimes.

A good saying to remember while working with power tools is:

"You don't want to put your hands where you don't want to put your penis!"

Helps me to think twice  :)

I'd been making cabinets in my home-grown arcade cab business for a year or so and was in a hurry to build two Mortal Kombat style cabs in just a week. You tend to become nonchalant whilst working with these lethal tools:
I'd just placed my router on it's side and whilst it was still rotating at full chat, I picked up the next piece of MDF, which was ideally placed right in front of the razor-sharp router bit...
I could see the bone in my index finger and now, 5 years on, still have a very obvious zig-zag scar visible to all.
Happyy days!

Really sorry to hear about this, here is my prayer for recovery and thanks that you post this as a reminder to all of us.


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