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Accident At Work - Lesson to Everyone

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wow, that was tough :o


--- Quote from: markb on April 14, 2006, 02:56:16 am ---Heres to a speedy recovery.

--- Quote ---I try to be safe but frequently end up rushing through things and not putting on my goggles and things like that
--- End quote ---

I used to be the same until I had a dremel disc come apart on me once sending fragments flying into my face, they were that hot one of them actually stuck to my lip and left a blister for 2 weeks. Fortunately I had my put my safety glasses on 30 seconds before, now I wear them permanently when I'm working with power tools.

--- End quote ---

I cant stress this enough. People hear it all the time and still dont do it. A good way to put it is this.

A stone on a grinder is nothing but glued together sand really.

anybody whose ever seen a grinder stone explode would definately think twice. its like rocks pounding you all over. a dremel cutting disk is much smaller, is made out of the same stuff and is running at a much higher Rpm.

Oh, one thing i definately do is that i have a lot of Table tools. A handheld router can get you in trouble quick when it binds. when you have a piece of work like the side of an arcade cabinet to cut the groove for t molding then, the hand router is required.

whatever you do, dont take anybodys suggestion to try and cut t molding grooves with a Dremel. their is such a thing as the right tool for the right job. The Most accidents involving power tools besides alcohol and/or carlessness happen because someone is trying to use a tool for the wrong job.

I had a close call once i was using a 3/4 ton floor jack to lift an empty tool shed we moved from our old house up so we could set blocks under it and i had seen my buddy do it before.

what i didnt notice is that he had a 6 ton Jack. i found that out from him later when i called him to see what went wrong.

i set 3 blocks under it and as i was jacking up the fourth one the seals in the jack gave up the ghost and the shed came crashing down.

That must have been a HEAVY shed if it blew out a 1500 pound jack!

Regarding the dremel disks, I'm surprised I haven't caught one in my face yet. They are so brittle that I usually break one in half prior to even putting the tool on the work.

Another piece of advice; check your tools OFTEN! I was edging my yard yesterday with one of those edging attachments for my string trimmer. As I was pushing it forward, I noticed that the housing was shifting. The three bolts that hold the housing to the gear drive were loose! I'm sure I would have been in for a treat if a couple of those bolts came loose and the plastic housing dropped onto the spinning blade.

Heya I hope your doing well!, i've come close once from not haveing any downcutting jigsaw blades, I turned the jigsaw upside down blade pointing upwards to make a neat cut.. after feeling my thumb vibrate on the back of a jigsaw blade on max speed i come to this conclusion: "If you don't respect your tools they won't respect you".

its a good thing helping people to be more aware of the real dangers involved, Get well soon!  :cheers:


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