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I got the images from someone on here, and edited it.

let me know what you think, the cabinets name is GAME ON, I dunno if someone else is using it

It doesn't look right, the colors of the words don't go with the pictures and the directional arrows don't coordinate either.

If the button holes are the actual button size then they look to far spaced apart and I prefer to center them as high as the joystick.

I think the joystick surrounds just get in the way of the cool pics without adding anything useful.

I would condider removing those, and also consider making the "powered by mame" a bit smaller, higher, and left of center.

That would visually associate it with the "Game On" logo.

Another option would be to make "Game On" a little smaller and lower. That would place it below Spidy's foot, and make his eyes appear to be reading it. I think if you did that, you could reduce the MAME logo to about 1/2 of what it is and things would be balanced.

If the button cutouts at the top are for game functions, you might consider labeling them. Maybe small dark blue letters. That way you can read them, but they won't be distracting.

Yes, I do this for a living.


it look allright..acutally nice ;D but get rid of cyclops...i mean get a better looking picture..gamegens got the same one but better looking...IF you cant find it..i will send you...PM me...

The buttons are 1/2 apart, leaving about 1/4 of an inch between the buttons, the spacing is modeled after the x-arcade spacing, those holes are only 1 1/8 (white circles) , just placed for cutting purposes...


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