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possible artwork solution for non-artists/newbies

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I apologize for the length - so if you use illustration programs just skip to the middle of this message....

Seems like a lot of requests for high res artwork here's my suggestion: learn a vector graphics program like illustrator.  I give this advice because I'm sure there are some newbies who have no idea how produce large CLEAN images like marquees, overlays, sideart, etc without horrible pixelation or smoothing.

I won't get into the specifics, you can do some simple research on the web for "vector vs. raster" if you want details(there's a TON of info out there, and a bunch in the archives here if you search correctly).      But I will say that if you commit some time and energy to planning and learning your way around the program then you will have some seriously sharp and excellent artwork.

For a quick example, I drew the mame logo in illustrator and added a different typeface.  Only took about 20 minutes - though I do this for a living.  Here's what it looks like:
(click to download)

..its resizable with no loss of quality because it's a vector image -  blow it up as big as you want - It would look 'OK' by itself, but I would recommend using it as just a piece of a more substantial design, like adding a background or something.  Change the colors, stroke, etc. Customize it.  This could get someone started, in other words, instead of creating totally from scratch.

Even tho it's a small zip file(141kB) I'll only have this up for a few days if anyone wants to grab it - I don't have a lot of monthly bandwidth :(  Tho if Oscar's art gallery wants it or this board's art section or anyone else for that matter, feel free to host it wherever.   I couldn't use it on my last cab but hopefully on my next one.

To me the artwork on a cab is the ultimate expression of the machine, and the best opportunity for individualism - and therefore, IMHO, the most important part.


Whats a good vector program?


--- Quote from: crashdmj on February 21, 2003, 11:48:40 am ---Whats a good vector program?

--- End quote ---

For us graphic artist types, whose companies write off the expense of the software, Adobe Illustrator rules.

A lot of folks like Corel Draw. The drawing module is (or at least used to be) available fairly inexpensively.

I've seen some references to Killustrator, for Koffice which runs under KDE in Linux. I don't really know Linux. Can someone comment on Killustrator?


I just don't get it...  Could you try another example, say a monitor bezel 23"w x 28" high for us slow learners??   ::)  ;D


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