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How to make a Top Mount or Under Mount Joystick Jig

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Some finished shots of the recess.

As you can see I made mine tight.  I like it that way and it will make it nice and clean when I want to top mount (like a kneivel CP) but you can make it more loose if you like.

My joystick base has to be pressed in.  Not forced, just neatly pushed in place.

As you can see I'm hanging it upside down without fasteners and it is perfectly snug.

How do you use the Jig?

The router base slides along the top of the jig.  With the bushing installed in the base and the straight bit installed in your router, set the router on top of the jig at the edge of your piece.  Adjust your router's cutting depth.  I left 1/4" of material left.

Turn your router on and carefully let the bit go into the open space of your joystick hole.  Then push the router out towards the edge of your jig until the bushing makes contact with the inside edge of the jig.  While maintaining contact from the bushing to the jig edge run it around the full perimeter of the recess.

Then continue routing to clean up the rest of the mess.

Good stuff! With the router being my fav tool to work with I use a lot of similar methods in my stick building. If a template makes a job easier, a template is made!

Nice :)

Just a general tip also...keep making sure the router chuck is tight!  I routed the underside of my stick panel to give some extra joystick height, and on the second player side the router gradually loosened, and when I looked it had routed all the way through in you can imagine I was a tad pissed off.

I managed to fix it by cutting out the hole completely, routing a bigger rectangle from the top and mounting a metal plate into it for the stick to bolt to.

Excellent write up! Needs to be stickied.


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