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How to make a Top Mount or Under Mount Joystick Jig

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Here is a tutorial on how to make a jig for your router that will allow you to make perfectly snug recesses for your joysticks whether top mounted or under mounted.  It is some what complicated but it’s worth the effort if you think you will make more than one control panel out of wood.

This jig will be compatible with; Happ joysticks, Wico joysticks, X-arcade, and Pelican Real Arcade sticks.

Here is what you will need:

(1) 2’ x 4’ piece of ¼” hard board (mdf)
Flush trim router bit (you bought this to trim your formica laminate)
Router Bushing
Hinge Mortising Router Bit (a very common straight bit)
Carpet tape
Drill and regular drill bits
Jig Saw

Start by inserting the router bushing into the base plate of your router.  Install the hinge mortising (common straight) bit into your router.  With your router unplugged, measure the distance from the cutting edge of the bit to the OUTSIDE of the bushing.

Next measure the distance from your router bit to the outside of your router base.  Now add two inches to that measurement to account for your clamps.

Lets not make the same mistake we made with our sawboard ;)

Take your handy panel (2

Now take your joystick base and line it up with the cross you just made.  You will then outline your joystick base in pencil.

Next add the first measurement you took from the cutting edge of your bit to the outside of the bushing. 

Mark these lines onto the handy panel.

Now take the 2


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