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I love this thread.

I have one that wont return e-mails or pay his bill.

Full Member:  Abomination


Chalk another one up for harpal here.. :-|

Owes me 2 Xbox 360s..

Threads like these have the potential to get ugly.  Please keep it civil and to the point, keep personal vendectives out of it, etc. Feedback is good - bile isn't.

Just the facts, ma'am.

--- saint

I would like to add KSKID to the bad sellers list.  Here is the thread to support this listing:

In summary, he initially offered a Star Castle cabinet for sale in good condition for $150.  It was believed to be a cabinet previously determined as having front damage.  After there were no takers, KSKID lowered the price to $75 or $200 bundled with another cabinet.

Nostrebor, a well-respected member of this website offered the guy $75 for the Star Castle cabinet.  The guy refused, saying that he would need at least $100 for the trouble of separating the cabinets.  Nostrebor posted a "buyer beware" notice and KSKID then accused Nostrebor of wanting a handout.

KSKID also berated people in the thread I linked for not buying his cabinets after several people asked for pictures.  He apparently thought that was an unreasonable burden to place on him.

And let the poo-flinging begin!!  ARCADIAC!  ;D


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