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Anyone dealt with the people that we all need to avoid...The people that take our hard earned money and run,  Bad traders or transactions,  Please list them, You get the idea...

- JudgeDredd is a bad trader - takes your money and runs- see for details

--Note from saint about this thread--
Threads like these have the potential to get ugly.  Please keep it civil and to the point, keep personal vendectives out of it, etc. Feedback is good - bile isn't.

Just the facts, ma'am.

--- saint

I am adding "Harpal" AKA
Name: RANJIT GILL     
See Picture Below
to the top of the list- I paid him over 6 weeks ago for a simpsons board and a mvs cart, still have yet to receive anything. If you are going to sell something at least send an update. Stated that it would take 5-10 days..

What I have done to date-

- Sent numerous email in the last few weeks with no replies
- Never received a shipped out date
- Never received a confirmation/tracking #
- Never received a receipt as promised
- Never updated on what is going on

USPS states that packages take 4-6 weeks to ship from UK to the USA, its been over 6 weeks now. I understand if he has had issues with his items, but how much effort does it take to type up an email message to send an update.... Besides my package was shipped out before this had happened, makes me wonder...

Last email that I received:

Re: (No subject)

MMMMMMmmMMMMMmmmMMmm.... I love the smell of dirty laundry in the morning...


Another BYOAC members email: Please read:

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   (No subject)

I also tried to buy some stuff from Harpal as well and he kept making excuses and never sent the stuff.
I filed a claim against him in Paypal and since he never responded, I got my money back.
His Ebay username in UK Ebay is :  acidforums
So don't buy from this sorry SOB.  >:(


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