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Any editor restrictions?

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I was just wondering if anybody will be able to edit the wiki, or if there's some way of restricting it to forum members with a specified minimum postcount?

I find myself screwing stuff up.  That post count bar's gotta be pretty darn high ;)

yeah, we all know how what "pretty darn high" post counts are good for. EE anybody?

The nice thing about a wiki is that pages are diffed and can be rolled back if someone does something stupid or is a gigantic tool and tries to "take the ball home" if you know what I'm sayin. :D

The only thing that needs to be restricted is very obvious spammers. A minimum post count over 50 would probably weed out most of those. Of course, there are people that might be valid wikkans that won't ever boardpost 50. Something for the powers that be to think about. Managing the macmame wiki... man, that gets spammed a lot.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good way to tie Editor permission to post count that I can see. The whole point of wiki is to be an open discussion. mahuti is correct in that wiki has rollback and diff capability, so it will be up to the editing community to police itself. The global moderators and admins on the forum have the ability to protect or delete pages as well, so come get one of them if there is a serious issue.

We can also block stuff by IP, and I can require that anonymous users cannot edit. Thus, they would have to register on the forum to edit the pages.

Speaking of deleting pages, I renamed a couple of pages that need deletion, if you could do the honors:


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