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SalmonKing, I would first like to comment on how NICE of a job you have done on this app.  It is by far the best jukebox program designed thus far. Hands down.

O.K. I was wondering if it is possible to keep the display as is(showing two albums per page) and use up and down to scroll through the tracks . Examlple.. I use left and right to flip pages(as the progam aready does) ,then once an album appears on screen I could use up and down to navigate the tracks(No need to display the full album on screen, just scroll through the four that are currently showing).  Pressing up or down will first highlight the first track on the upper left album in view. As you scroll down this album to the last track the first track of the next album is then highlighted and so on.   This way one could utilize the app with a joystick and a single button to select the desired tracks.
I think this would appeal to those with arcade cabinets that are set up with control panels designed to play arcade and console games.


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