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SERIOUS potential problem.


Well, luckily I didn't do anything major that I wasn't able to reverse, but I can see this as being a SERIOUS issue.

I wanted to change the "Keyboard Encoder" link to something more generic, and do a finer sort from there.  I went to edit the keyboard encoder page, and didn't realize just simply changing the link on the main page didn't change the page name itself.  Blip!  The page "vanished".  Reversing my changes had everything working again until I could figure out how exactly to change the link AND page name.

I'm thinking LOTS of information could be lost this way, and there might be the occasional someone who changes LOTS of stuff at once and can't backtrack his steps like I did. 

I'm too tired to contemplate solutions right now, so I have nothing to add other than "there it is"

Changing a link shouldn't affect the existance of a page. Are you sure the page dissappeared? Did you check the AllPages page?

The easiest way of doing this would be to leave the actual page name (ie its address) the same, but make the link on the main page a text link, so you can call it whatever you'd like. Also, if you want to give a page a different title, there should be an easy way of having it display differently. I'm still not so familiar with MediaWiki so I'm not sure of the markup, with PmWiki you just start the page with (:title My New Page Title:). The pages address remains the same but its titled differently.


--- Quote from: JoyMonkey on February 24, 2006, 07:02:02 am ---Changing a link shouldn't affect the existance of a page.

--- End quote ---

My bad on the wording.  I thought changing the internal link also changed the name of the page of that internal link.  You are correct, the page still existed, but the page I intended to link did not.

Was:  Keyboard encoders
Changed internal link to read: Encoders
Internal Link appeared on page as: Encoders
Page I intended to link to: Keyboard encoders

Changing the name of the internal link pointed that link to a non-existant page.  My intention was to point it to that Keyboard encoders page, but have the name of the keyboard encoders page simply read "Encoders".


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