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Restoration or just MAME style cabs?



My first, and probably biggest, question about what goes into the Wiki is whether or not we're going to include things other than MAME based Project Arcade style stuff.  That's all that is in there at the moment but this community does have a sizable restoration/repair crowd as well.  That is definitely the side I come in on as I don't have PA style cab nor do I do much with emulation.

I haven't been limiting it to MAME - PA.  (i.e., I talk about emulators that don't allow re-mapping of inputs in the keyboard hacks section).

Would like Saint's input on this issue, though.

My quick opinion on this matter than if there is anything relating to the forum (except the 'Everything Else' category CT ;) ), it's a candidate for the wiki. Let's see what this develops into and we can change direction really at any time.


Sounds good to me. Emulation, arcade collecting, pin collecting, restoration, electronics, anything remotely related to the hobby and related hobbies that float around here are reasonable candidates.


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