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OK - after building out the basement and gameroom, I'm.... broke :)  With wife and I both working and kids having a variety of activities, we used to eat out/take out quite a lot.

Alright - confession time - when we moved into the house, we were there for three weeks before we discovered the oven didn't work (only had 110 instead of 220). And it was my mother-in-law who discovered it when she came over to cook dinner for everyone for some celebration.


So anyway, now that we're officially broke, we're trying to cook at home more. I do 95% of the cooking as my wife's job has her working harder/longer than I do, and surprisingly I find that I enjoy it.

However, I'm in a rut with what I'm cooking, so I'm looking for easy and yummy recipies. I need to feed a family of 5, with three typically finicky kids. They have to eat what's served, but if everyone likes it it's a lot easier. Anyone have good recipies to share?

Guess I'll start out with a really easy but popular (with the kids) dinner.

Tuna glop.  Yes, that's the name. Tuna glop.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
2 cans of tuna.
Butter, milk, flour.
Veggie of choice.
Crescent rolls (the kind in the tube)

- Make the mac and cheese first, start the rolls.
- Once mac and cheese is almost ready, start tunafish.
- Throw some butter in a frying pan, melt, and toss in the tuna.
- Warm up the tuna (not sure you can call it cooking since it's already cooked), salt mildly to taste, and then add milk and flour to create a thick sauce. Sauce should be somewhat thick -- add milk or flour to dilute/thicken to preference.

Dish up, I like the tuna glop and mac mixed best. 15 minutes to make, amazingly popular with the kids, palatable for the grownups.


Anyone else?

If you've got a slow cooker, great.  If not, you're not broke enough to not buy one.  They're like $30-40.  Best invention known to man.

I don't have recipes I can rattle off the top of my head - the wife and I bought 2 HUGE slowcooker recipe books and we give something new a shot every once in a while.  Crockpot Lasagna is the shizzle, it's just like lasagna, without all the hard work.  Throw it in the pot in layers, and blammo, it's all good.

My mother-in-law often makes soups, as do I.  I'm making clam chowdah for dinner tonight.  Easy, and if you and the kids like it, it's wicked easy to make.  I just threw this together, so I know what's in this one.

7-8 potatoes
1 onion (I used a bag of pearl onions too - Vidalia's and pearls are my faves)
half pound salt pork or bacon (salt pork is better for flavor)
24 oz clams, minced (the can I usually get is minced)
32 oz half and half
3 cups of water
3-4 TBSP cornstarch

Saute the salt pork/bacon and onion until golden and throw in the slow cooker with the clams.  Add all the rest of the ingredients except the half and half and cornstarch. Cover and cook on high 3-4 hours on high, or 6-8 hours on low, or until vegetables are tender.  During the last hour of cooking, mix the cornstarch into 1 cup of half and half.  When it's blended in, add that and the remaining half and half and stir everything up.

I like using red potatoes, and once in a while, I'll throw in a half bag each of frozen corn and peas.

There's more, and if you've got a slow cooker, I'll hunt up that lasagna recipe. 

I've started adding to my kitchen tools. I don't have a slow cooker (is that the same as a crock-pot?) but everyone tells me I need one so it's on the list.

Crazy Cooter:
Anything in a crock-pot.

I have nothing else to contribute.  I'm not allowed in the kitchen.  I don't even know where the pans are  :angel:.

This is going to sound funny, but I have the Cooking for Dummies book and it has awesome recipes and tips.  I like the meatloaf recipe (add a little cheese, this is WI), especially with cornbread muffins.


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