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miss the super auctions in st Louis ..... fed my dead game itch lol

Thanks! There are some good links here, greatly appreciated.

FYI: Just as a good business practice:
If the auction or seller is a little cash, its an auction or sale, as is.
If it is bigger than a little cash and involves check, credit, or other form of payment:
Get on the State Business Web site and check out the Standing.
A company that pays taxes, files the basic state paperwork will be "in good standing"
This is an easy and free thing to do.
Never surprised that some of the big ones haven't been in good standing for many years.

That usually isn't a problem until... the day it is a problem.
With the new long arm of the tax man, things can be "reached out for". It isn't the old way of doing business anymore.

A company that has been put into "not in good standing" is allowed to sell assets to pay off taxes.

Topeka Kansas auction:
Cabs and more from Capital City Games And Music as well as consignments.
Online and in person auctions.
They also have a facebook page:


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