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Just saw this auction advertised on craigslist(for some reason in my area,even though i'm no where near NJ) so thought i'd post for you guys out in waldwick new jersey area,where ever that is.

Just saw this craigslist ad for a warehouse sale of arcade machines.Looks full to the top with some good stuff.If someone ends up going let me know how it was as i won't be able to get there,its too far from me.

Here in Louisville, KY, this guy is selling out, he's been in business for decades.  Check it out and good luck.

Are they auctioning off machines or the building?

I called the auctioneer and they were supposed to pass my number on to Mr. Litsey, he hasn't replied.  I would suggest contacting the auctioneer themselves for details, there will be a preview a week before the auction.  ARCADIAC! 


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