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Mala - Can you run different games from different Mames?


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My system isn't super fast (1.1Ghz w/ 750megs ram) so I have a new Mame to run most of my games and an older Mame (.66) to run some games that stutter in the new Mame (games like NBA Jams TE). Is there a way to configure Mala to runs some games out of Mame1.03 and some out of Mame.66?

Yep..Sure can

Even though I'm sure it was not designed to work that way.  :-*

Enter the mame version you use least as a 'other emulator'

I just tried it using MaLa version 1.0 Beta and worked great

You may want to put the roms you want to use with it in a different directory so that the list looks about right straight away

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Thanks, Loadman.
I was just pondering on it last night and came up with the same concept. Glad to know it works. Now all I need to do is sort out 2,000 games to determine which ones work best with which Mame version. Mmmmmm..... project.......

Or you could rob a gas station and buy a decent pc  ...Well not really  :D


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