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I just purchased some sideart from eBay (, and I'm wondering about the application.  I thought there was a post on this subject a while ago, but I couldn't find it....

My cabinet sides are currently spray-painted black, with individual white dots to represent stars and a light overspray of purple to suggest nebulae clouds (to match my marquee and CP overlay).  Because of the cloud overspray, the sides are not perfectly smooth.

Can I just apply the sideart over the paint job, or will I need to seal it with polyurethane or something to keep the sideart from peeling loose?  Should I apply something over the sideart after it's applied?  Or do I need to remove the paint and use laminate instead to get a good sideart application?


I would suggest using some of that aerosol can glue to put them on initally, then putting polyurethane over top of it afterward to prevent it coming loose.  Be careful about the glue, though, because some of it can act as paint thinner and make your paint job look like crap.

The description suggests that they're self-stick; is the spray glue to help it hold better, or only if it's not already adhesive?

Thanks for the warning about the possible interaction of the glue and paint.... I'll paint a board with the same paint and test it first to avoid any ugliness....

I bought some NOS Sideart from eBay not too long ago. The adhesive on the back was not all that great. Peels around the edges. I did not try a spray adhesive but did try a polyurethane spray after it was installed. Did not help with adhesion but looked pretty good. I also had to heat the sideart with a hair dryer as it was sent to me folded. The hair dryer helped smooth out the crease.

Man, I love this message board!  Thanks for the hair dryer trick!

Distortion: Do you have a preference for spray glue?  The last stuff I got was Duco Spray Adhesive, and it wasn't much good at all, unless you wanted something removable like a Post-It Note...


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