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Art Programs for cutoms overlays and sideart??

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Lucky for us we're hobbiests and not professionals. Believe it or not there's a few of us around here that don't believe in piracy. I'm sure you'll say that's not what you meant.... but be real.

Howard_Casto I take great offense to your post PSP, Corel etc. are not Crap!
I have been using PSP since version 4 and produce proffesional graphics work on it. Adobe doesn't instantly mean better. Quite frankly seeing some of the awful artwork produced by this community using adobe Pshop displays quite clearly that it is the artist the produces great artwork and not the program.
Any Graphics program suitable for producing web graphics is fine for creating cabinet artwork. A "cheap" program that supports vectors is preferable.

i use only paint shop pro...seen my works lately howard ;)?

Cheap programs arent crap ;)..I cant afford to buy no photoshop dude..I never bothered looking elsewere either... :P.

its about how you handle the software..i get around with it..hehe.. ;D

Myself I've been using Illustrator lately, but am also a big fan of PSP. The artist creating the work is the main factor to the quality of the work not the tools. Try as many packages your can get access to/afford and then use which ever you find the most comfortable.

Oy vey, not again...

Feel free to use whatever works for you.

PhotoShop is a professional graphics program geared towards professionals.  If you aren't familiar with it, and don't have the time or energy to bother to figure out how to use it, it can be intimidating.  

PSP, et al... are geared more towards consumer (or if it makes you feel better prosumer) applications.  They tend to be easier to pick up for the average "user" to manage to accomplish what they need to do (which is the point).  It'll lack some or a lot of the power and flexibility or tools that make a print/web/digital artist life easier... but doesn't mean it's useless to it's users who aren't professionals.

*shrug*  Of course there's somethign to be said that even if it's easy to use if you don't have the eye or a little knowledge/tips/tricks to make your design "work" it'll probably lack the professional look you're trying to get... but sometimes good enough is good enough, ya know =P

Altough there is some truth to using the right tool for the job, if you don't know how to use the tool it becomes moot...



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