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Art Programs for cutoms overlays and sideart??

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GIMP looks like a really interesting choice! Thanks for the heads up. It's seems to be more than powerful enough for our uses! I'll be giving it a try!


--- Quote from: neuromancer on February 11, 2003, 02:56:10 pm ---If you're going to acquire software to produce graphics, then GIMP might be your best choice. It has 99% of the functionality of Photoshop, at a GNU price (i.e. only how much your bandwidth costs).
--- End quote ---

I agree, the GIMP is a nice choice.  The large 5600x1600 MAME logos I created that are in my Gallery were mostly made with the GIMP, but I made them Photoshop files because it is a more portable format.  I also use Photoshop, but for some reason I normally use the GIMP.

I've got to jump on this Illustrator bandwagon someday, sounds nice...  :)


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