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When I rip my Cd's to SK Jukebox the song order is being arranged alphabetically instead of the order the tracks on the Cd are.  What am I doing wrong?


What are you using to rip the songs?  Whatever program you are using should have variables that you set to determine how the mp3s are named.

For instance, I use AudioGrabber.  Within that I set it to create folder name by artist, then a folder by album.  The actual songs are named using variables to designate song number, space, song title.

SKJukebox doesn't include a ripping program (that I'm aware of) so this must be a setting within your rip program.

Good Luck....

As I re-read this I thought I should add this....the numbers on the songs in SK Jukebox are part of the mp3 names themselves....SK Jukebox does not number the if you have an album with 10 songs and they are named with song title only, SK will arrange them in order alphabetically....but if you name them with Track number AND title, SK will order by number.

Hope that clears things up...

Thanks!  IT was the way I ripped them.  Unfortunately I had to rename over 4000 files to get it to work right but it works. 

Thanks for the info.



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