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Mounting Cup Holder


Anyone have any advice on where to mount a cup holder?  I bought the Universal Beverage Holder from happs, and am thinking of attaching it on the right side of my cabinet, control panel level.

In my particular case, the player 2 side (right side) would let me also use the cupholder while sitting on the nearby couch, whereas there's a wall close to the player 1 side.

I've seen yardape8000's pictures, he has 2 on the front, knee high.  I thought those might be right by your feet if you're sitting on barstools.  Any words of wisdom, lessons learned in the cupholder area?


As a joke, I considered adding an old CDRom on the side of my cabinet as a removeable cup holder!  

If you are right handed put the cup holder on the right side of the cabinet.
If you are left handed put the cup holder on the left side of the cabinet.

This puts the drink in the most normal location for you.


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