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Recently finished up this Galaga for a friend:











The game was literally falling apart. It had water damage, some large swollen areas on the bottom, and the front, bottom, rear lower piece and upper rear handle piece had all come loose. We had to hold it together, then put a few ratchet straps around it to keep it in one piece just to move it out of his house.

Here's the basic list of what I did to it:
* replaced wood bottom and rear lower panel
* secured rear upper handle wood piece, inner "shield" divider, front face, front face kick molding
* cleaned and painted leg leveler bases, wheel brackets
* scrubbed all electrical harnesses
* cleaned inside of cabinet with vacuum, Bleche-wite
* cleaned latches, monitor bezel, tinted plexi, etc.
* cleaned printed monitor glass, marquee
* patched and filled cabinet chips
* sanded down water-raised lower portion of cabinet
* laminated sides
* repainted inside black areas (around monitor)
* installed new side art
* rebuilt control panel (removed old overlay, cleaned, repainted, installed new overlay + buttons)
* repaired coin door (disassembled, polished what I could, hammered dents out, painted with wrinkle finish to better hide flaws)
* install lock
* touch-up printed monitor glass
* repaint marquee brackets
* install new T-molding
* clean/paint rear door


Boy, it turned out really nice.  Do you mind me asking what it cost to do that sort of a restoration?

Wow... great job on my favorite game.

Way beyond my skills, glad to see someone out there can do this stuff and save these great classics.



Nice job, looks awesome.


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