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--- Quote from: pink on April 19, 2003, 12:53:59 pm ---Casn't wait for the id3 support.  That is the only reason im using arcade jukebox 7 instead of your program.. its great to just point the program at your mp3 directory and have all of your stuff indexed automatically.

--- End quote ---
Well, I've definately decided on ID3 support for the next version.  Every single support E-mail I've had comes down to indexing.  The indexing step was fine for my cabinet, because it was built around the way I organize my tiny MP3 collection, and because I rarely update the collection.  This is obviously not true for most people!  Indexing takes time, but instead of re-indexing at startup the way WinCab does now, it'll just make a pass through to verify the existence of already indexed songs (in case some have been removed or are on removable media) and only index those files that are new or have changed, and it will index based on ID3 tags, so creating the index for DOS on a Windows machine will no longer be necessary.

The problem is that so many ID3 tags are inconsistent and incomplete, so I may need to include some sort of tag editing solution as well.  Of course, you would want to disable the tag editor before putting the jukebox on the cabinet...

I was working on the update last weekend, so I'm finally moving forward!  Hopefully I'll have something to show before you all die of old age.



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