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 How goes it Chris? Haven't heard from the Doscab world in a while...


--- Quote from: Mameham on January 17, 2003, 11:30:27 pm --- How goes it Chris? Haven't heard from the Doscab world in a while...

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Sorry... Real Life and all that... :(

Right now, much of my free time is taken up by rehearsals for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Augusta Theatre Company, Augusta, GA, opens Feb 14... be there!) and rebuilding my MAME cabinet.  What was meant to be a simple upgrade has turned into a complete rebuild...

I also have to squash a couple of wierd bugs in the Jukebox that I haven't been able to find yet.

The next version should have multiple resolution support (not yet full skinning, just the default skin in multiple resolutions), 256 color support (it'll suck until skins are built specifically for it, but it'll work), play stimulator mode, and turning off of the random sort function.  The version after that will support CD album style labels with album covers, ID3 support (possibly eliminating the need for a songlist.ini in DOS mode), mouse support (mostly for touchscreens), skins, gamepad button support (for gamepad hacks), and GUI-style joystick navigation (allowing operation on cabinets with just a 4-way joy and a single button).  The version after that will hopefully have vertical support (probably no mouse in vertical mode), reloadabe songlists (swap your regular music set for, say, a Christmas set), multiple song location support (so you can build a juke with a few CD-ROM drives and just change CD's every now and then), and possibly even karaeoke/MIDI/OGG support.


Lave Laar:
Great to see that you're still developing your program.  I think that it's the best jukebox program by far.  I like the fact that it's a singles jukebox which is the way a real jukebox should be.   ;)

A couple of suggestions.  If possible I would like the up and down buttons to be "repeat" buttons.  If you have several hundred or thousand songs it would help if you could just hold the button to browse the songs.  I also would like an option to add another letter, E, to the selection.  This way it could fill the whole screen if you don't want the surronding graphics.  What do you think ?

Having the ability to add additional songs per page (an E and F button) will not be in the next version, but should be in the version after that.  I should be able to build a key repeat into the next version; I hadn't thought of it...

Chris are you still going to have vertical monitor support in the next version or is that also tied into the bugs you were mentioning?


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