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In fact this should go into some kind of FAQ - there always loads of "help me with powerstrip" questions around.

The only thing I could suggest is advice for getting out of the situation where you can't see the picture. Ctrl-Alt-S for some reason does not always work on my machine, I have no idea why. I've got out of the problem my using VNC - just logging in from another machine, and changing the settings that way.


--- Quote from: Silver on September 30, 2005, 09:57:31 am ---Although you could have saved a lot of work here. I'm also assuming that once this is setup you need to tell mame which resolution to use for which game - I believe there are a couple of utils available to do this....

--- End quote ---
For most games you don't need to specify anything. A resolution with double horizontal resolution is preferred as second best choise by mame (after the one with exact resolution). The AVGA resolution tool might work as well if it can read resolutions from a configuration file. The good thing with the powerstrip solution (compared to AVGA) is that it is easy to add a new resolution if needed.

I choosed a different approach and modified the mame source so that it reads a resolution based ini file at startup, e.g. 336x240H.ini. That way I can set options (resolution, syncrefresh, stretch etc) for each resolution instead of for each game. I did submit the patch to mame a long time ago but I guess they didn't see the need.

--- Quote ---3. A mame game displayed at 672x240 instead of 336x240 makes no difference in the pixture. The images will look exactly the same (yes, exactly).

--- Quote ---Can't test at the moment, but how does this work exactly? Are you not streching the screen size out? Does mame only use some of the screen? (What stretching settings are you using?)

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The theory is the following: the monitor is an analog device which knows nothing about pixels. It only gets information from the graphic card saying that this area should be blue. If the signal from the graphic card comes from a single wide blue pixel or two thinner consecutive blue pixels doesn't matter.

MAME will automaticly stretch the image by doubling each pixel. By default there are probably some filtering made which might distort the image slightly (haven't checked). You can turn the filtering of by either turning hardwarestrecth off "-nohws" or use direct3d.

hey wpcmame, what the heck does the 7 stand for at the end of each modeline entry. 

If you post the complete syntax for a powerstrip entry, I'll add it to lrmc so that you don't have to manually edit the output. 

There's also a new feature in the version I'm currently debugging that will calculate all mame modelines using the mame --listxml option, so given the right syntax and the right configuration, you can calculate all mame modelines using one simple command like

lrmc mamelist.xml -cga --highpclock > modelinelist


--- Quote from: desmatic on October 01, 2005, 05:04:22 am ---hey wpcmame, what the heck does the 7 stand for at the end of each modeline entry.
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Thanks.  I'll add it to the next revision, which will hopefully be up by the end of the week.


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