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No table saw? Build a $15 Sawboard for your small budget project!

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Has anyone made one of these for a hand held jigsaw? Because that is what i have, and of course, i was never able to do a straight cut.
Supposedly there are cutting guides for jigsaws, but I was unable to find one in stores, and they are also only useful if you are cutting next to a straight edge of the material, so, no good...

Thanks in advance.


--- Quote from: Rick on September 15, 2011, 01:12:12 pm ---I had them use their panel cutter (which has always given me perfect cuts)...

--- End quote ---

This is the only thing in the thread I have trouble believing  :lol What mystical Home Depot is this???

I am beginning a project and am likely going to whip up a saw board... these look too damned handy to not have on... hand?

To the OP, Thank you so much for this thread... take yourself to the :burgerking: for a Whopper, you earned it!

I, of course, noticed this thread after I finished building my cabinet and immediately wondered why I didn’t think of that.  :hissy: using a straight edge and clamps all the while guessing the distance I needed, let me tell you it wastes a lot of time. Made a 48” and 20” today out of 1/2” mdf.


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