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Chicago Meetup?

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I'd definitely try to make it. I'm from Algonquin.


Cool, what works best for everyone?

Anyone available next Friday or Saturday?  - I would invite you over to my place but I don't exactly have much cool arcade related stuff yet as I just moved into a new house from years in an apartment (now my collections can begin!).

Someone suggested GameWorks or D&B. 


Dartful Dodger:
Last time it was at:

GameWorks - Schaumburg

At The Streets of Woodfield

I'm totally down for this.  I'm in Carol Stream, so I'm right next to you ArcaMan.  Also, I work in Schaumburg, so gameworks is just fine for me.

I'd be able to meet next weekend if that's the consensus, but I'm available otherwise.  The only request I'd make is that we don't do this the weekend of the Chicago marathon (Oct 9th).  Not 'cause I'm running it; my wife is.

Dartful Dodger:
Next weekend is now this weekend and there hasn't been many responses.

How about the 21 or the 22?

I'd also like a 28th or the 29th, but then it'd be an optional costume meet up.


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