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Chicago Meetup?

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Sure, I would like to have a monthly meeting and maybe spin it into something where we might have topics or a show and tell / speaker etc.

There are tons of people in Chicago that are into arcade games that I am sure we can get a good group but it will take time and effort :) 

BTW I created this yahoo group to help bring people together:

Chicago Home Arcade and Retro Game Enthusiasts (CHARGE!)

Just a reminder, Saturday, Noon at GameWorks in Schaumburg / Streets of Woodfield.

Who all is going to be able to make it?

Lets meet at the bar area, I'll try and make a sign or something :)


Im in Mtvernon Illinois and am in Chicago more than a few times a year. Lemme know when next something occurs.   ;D

Welp, I don't know if anyone showed up early and then left but I got there about 15 min late because my car stalled :(

Anyhow, was sort of a bust, but on the positive note, it looks like GameWorks has tried to create a more adult arcade experience upstairs, so that is sort of nice.  Had a few old skool games in home brew boxes up stairs with a bunch of just "older games"

Anyhow, I don't know if anyone can meet up Thursday evenings, but they have a $10 play card that lets you play from 9-close, so that seemed pretty cool.

Anyhow, if anyone did show up, I appoligize that I was late.

Any suggestions for places to meet up next month? 

Hopefully once the holidays are over and life gets back to normal it will be better for people :)

I am tenativly suggesting middle of January at Game Works again (nice easy to find location) unless anyone wants to try Dave and Busters either down town or out in the suburbs. - or even better a game room where we don't have to pay to play games :)

Also, I invite you all to visit the yahoo group I set up:




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