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Hi there,

well i've been scouting aroud a little a came across these guys here in the Netherlands. They are WICO's agent here so i think they are my most logical choice for ordering my parts ;)

I wanted to know if any of you have ever ordered parts from them, and how was the expierence :)

secondly i'm a thinking of going with the Universal STC Joystick they supply since it is adjustable, not quite sure seeing that this will be my first attempt at building my own machine from scratch.

I want to go with an adjustable seeing as i don't want to have a separate stick for 4 or 8 way games.

any thoughts?

I bought all my stuff at Suzo (Belgium/Netherlands).
- pushbuttons, (STC) joysticks and trackball (Suzo)

Everything works great, the only drawback for the joysticks is the mounting (to have a good fit you really need to mount these to a metal or a plexiglass C.P.)

Concerning the 4-, 8-way story they are perfectly adjustable, but it's not practical, you have to loosen four screws at the bottom of the joystick, twist the plate(s) and fasten them again.
I bought an extra joystick to be a dedicated 4-way .

Most of the equipment is manufactured by Suzo (they only carry a few Wico items)

Note : If you want to order at Suzo you need a V.A.T. number (B.T.W. nummer), if you don't have one you can always ask a friend who has one and but let them ship to you.

If you want, I can mail you some pics of the joysticks and how I mounted them.

Concerning WICO,

When I was at Suzo (about a year ago) we also had a small conversation about Wico and Happs, if I recall this I thought I heard something about buying Wico.

While I was just checking the Wico website I noticed they carry the exact same catalog as Suzo.

Coincidence ?

tnx, for the reply. Don't worry bout BTW-idnr. ;) i got one.

but i'll have to think bout my control panel again


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